Brow Microblading

Microblading, also known as feather touch brows is semi-permanent tattoo which can last 1- 2.5 years, depending on your skin type and other factors. Using a state of the art microblading hand tool, Kitti creates tiny precise, hairlike strokes by hand, mimicking the natural direction and lengths of your brows. Pigments are then implanted into the channels that were created by the microblades in the dermal layer of the skin. The sensation is similar to a little scratch but you should not feel any discomfort. As with all permanent makeup treatments, the area will initally appear dark and the strokes very sharp, but this will fade up to 40% within 7-10 days to reveal your chosen colour and softer, more subtle strokes. This treatment results in full, natural looking brows.

Kitti Alexis was trained by the qualified team at Gingerella Rox in Perth, namely Kelly Innes, one of the most highly sought after brow artists in Western Australia. Just like Kelly, Kitti strives for perfection and aims to leave you with natural, fluffy looking brows. If you would like a separate consultation to discuss your needs, concerns and suitability, you are welcome to book a consultation with Kitti, the fee is redeemable against the first microblading session should you decide to go ahead with booking.  

A 30% deposit will be required to secure your booking. Cancellations in less than 48 hours will forfeit your deposit. 



First Session



(Touch up prices strictly for our clients and strictly from date of last treatment)

Up to 4 months $99

4-12 months $149

12-14 months $199

14-18 months $220

18-24 months $250

2 years - 2.5 years $320

Over 2.5 years - back to full price 

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